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The idea of a sustainable business is quite simple. It means achieving material results while minimizing the negative impact on the planet and society.

Commitment & Ecodesign

We do not use palm oil, parabens or phthalates

We do not use palm oil, parabens or phthalates at any stage in the creation of our product, and we manage waste efficiently. It is important to say that palm oil itself is not bad for nature or human health. What makes it bad is the over-cultivation of palm monoculture that results in massive deforestation of relics and biodiverse rainforests where endangered species still survive. When used in soap production, palm oil provides toughness and makes a bar of soap less soluble in water, but it is completely replaceable and that is what we choose to do.

We do not use plastic packaging

Although there are industries where plastic is still absolutely necessary, it is not mandatory in the soap business. Not only are CACTUS MEN’S CLUB soaps the most natural cleaning substances, but these solid soap bars don’t need to be packaged in plastic bottles either. And since we are totally against any cruelty to animals, we do not test our soap on these little creatures, offering you an environmentally friendly and free of harmful substances soap.

Committed to a better world

We feel responsible for creating a unique product and a distinctive fragrance for you, as we are responsible for caring for the environment in which we live.

Best For You & The Planet

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